Technical Sketch

Dual flow Unit coolers

Power: 1,53 Kw – 13,70Kw

These unit coolers are designed for air chambers that require lower air speed and uniform air distribution. The casing is silver and is made of properly processed special aluminum. All components are stainless. Fans have diameter 300 mm. The cooling coil consists of copper tubes 1/2 ” and corrugated aluminum fins. Defrost heaters are installed optionally. They are designed for easy installation and maintenance. All products are tested at pressure 22 bar, they are pressurized with nitrogen and meet the guidelines of the European specifications.

Table of specifications

MODELΔΤ 6 [Watt]ΔΤ 8 [Watt]ΔΤ 10 [Watt]Επιφ. [m2]Παρ. Αέρα [m3/h]Διάμετρος ΦτερωτήςΑρ. ΜοτερWatt ΜοτερΑμπερVOLTNo *Watt totalΚΙΛΑ
ORP 10 D10161531217612.51400300125/900.62230 50hz5601+119
ORP 15 D13502189320613.92750300225/900.62230 50hz14301+121
ORP 20 D20873346445818.62700300225/900.62230 50hz14301+126
ORP 21 D27474093536223.32650300225/900.62230 50hz14301+139
ORP 30 D39785728737528.64650300339/850.42230 50hz22001+151
ORP 40 D37536205829735.84600300339/850.42230 50hz44002+275
ORP 50 D47627474986342.84550300339/850.42230 50hz44002+283
ORP 75 D6294912211885536200300439/850.42230 50hz68002+289
ORP 100 D9478136881778079.77650300539/850.42230 50hz68002+2116
* Room Temperature 0 °C
** Optional
Correction factor

Technical Sketch

Dimension Table

MODELΒΗFLΑSUSPENTIONSEDrain connectionConnection inConnection outVolume [L]pres level dba/5m (S)
ORP 10 D 810240850653-4502171/2''5/8''2.650
ORP 15 D 810240850888-4740171/2''5/8''2.752
ORP 20 D810240850888-4740171/2''3/4''3.652
ORP 21 D810240850888-4740171/2''3/4''4.352
ORP 30 D8102408341268-41120171/2''7/8''5.556
ORP 40 D8102408341268-41120171/2''7/8''6.456
ORP 50 D8102408341268-61120171/2''1 1/8''856
ORP 75 D8752809001913-6862171/2''1 1/8''9.558
ORP 100 D 8752809001913-6862175/8''1 3/8''14.761
Dual flow Unit coolers. Available in pdf format.