Technical Sketch

(Mini type) Unit coolers – Under counter

Power: 0,39 Kw – 1,13 Kw

Small unit coolers with single air flow designed for refrigerated cabinets. They are placed on the side or in the middle of the counter. The casing is silver and is made of properly processed special aluminum. The fans are low noise and the coil consists of 3/8 ” copper tubes and corrugated aluminum fin. All products are tested at pressure 22 bar and they are in accordance with the directives of the European Community.

Table of specifications

MODELΔΤ 6 [Watt]ΔΤ 8 [Watt]ΔΤ 10 [Watt]Επιφ. [m2]Παρ. Αέρα [m3/h]Διάμετρος ΦτερωτήςΑρ. ΜοτερWatt ΜοτερΑμπερVOLTNo ELEMENTSWattΚΙΛΑ
PL 14 P2563905051.929020015\290.19230 50hz--3.7
PL 13 P4326908952.7480250110\360.25230 50hz--5
PL 12 P54789411823.6460250110\360.25230 50hz--5.6
PL 34 P662113016904.3710300116\600.42230 50hz--6.7
1072 SMALL1702553511.720012 x 122220.12230 50hz--3.3
1072 LARGE2303575462.319012 x 122220.12230 50hz--3.6
* Room Temperature 0 °C
Correction factor

Technical Sketch

Dimension Table

MODELΒΗFLASASPENSIONEDrain connection @Connection inConnection outTUBE VOLpres level dba/5m (S)
PL 14 P435470110240854322173/8''1/2''0.45-
PL 13 P435590140285704322173/8''1/2''0.75-
PL 12 P435590140285704322173/8''1/2''0.92-
PL 34 P435590170390704322171/2''5/8''1.15-
1072 SMALL4054201052312 - 118103/8''3/8''0.45-
1072 LARGE4054201052312 - 118103/8''3/8''0.75-
(Mini type) Unit coolers - Under counter. Available in pdf format.