Technical Sketch

Single flow unit coolers

Power: 1,10Kw – 14,40Kw

Unit coolers specialy disigned for low height freezers. The casing is silver and is made of properly processed special aluminum. All components are stainless. Fans have diameter 300 mm or 350 mm depending on the model. The cooling coil consists of copper tubes 1/2 ” and corrugated aluminum fins. Low temperature models include defrost heaters, while on those of medium temperature they are optional. They are designed for easy installation and maintenance. All products are tested at pressure 22 bar, they are pressurized with nitrogen and meet the guidelines of the European specifications.

Tables of specifications

MODELΔΤ 6 [Watt]ΔΤ 8 [Watt]ΔΤ 10 [Watt]Επιφ. [m2]Παρ. Αέρα [m3/h]Διάμετρος ΦτερωτήςΑρ. ΜοτερWatt ΜοτερΑμπερVOLTNO OF ELEMS *Watt ΚΙΛΑ
ORL 12 S674110415996.741100300116/600.42230 50hz840211
ORL 34 S967157221168.111300300125/900.62230 50hz840212
ORL 10 S1149179223889.381320300125/900.62230 50hz960213
ORL 15 S17532507331011.182600300225/900.62230 50hz1440218
ORL 20 S19943230434616.762550300225/900.62230 50hz1440220
ORL 21 S29584361573922.352700300225/900.62230 50hz1440225
ORL 30 S38025466704028.534500300325/900.62230 50hz2200236
ORL 40 S40496091800534.233700300339/850.42230 50hz2200240
ORL 50 S590787351156044.297100300439/850.42230 50hz3400251
ORL 75 S7006101661321553.147000300439/850.42230 50hz3400260
ORL 100 S10131143801860070.658530350470/1280.63230 50hz4540286
* Room Temperature 0 °C
** Optional
Correction factor
MODELΔΤ 6 [Watt]ΔΤ 8 [Watt]ΔΤ 10 [Watt]Επιφ. [m2]Παρ. Αέρα [m3/h]Διάμετρος ΦτερωτήςΑρ. ΜοτερWatt ΜοτερΑμπερVOLTNO OF ELEMSwattΚΙΛΑ
ORL 12 C66396613614.461320300125/900.62230 50hz1260311
ORL 34 C730112816845.381300300125/900.62230 50hz1260312
ORL 10 C899144019956.221320300125/900.62230 50hz1440313
ORL 15 C1270201525697.412600300225/900.62230 50hz2160318
ORL 20 C16052620368311.122700300239/850.42230 50hz2160322
ORL 21 C21373449444814.832650300239/850.42230 50hz2160327
ORL 30 C30554335543218.934100300339/850.42230 50hz3300336
ORL 40 C30384861639622.74000300339/850.42230 50hz3300344
ORL 50 C42146879895929.386600350370/1280.63230 50hz5100353
ORL 75 C532179641003035.256500350370/1280.63230 50hz5100366
ORL 100 C7628115481458046.978650350470/1280.63230 50hz6810390
* Room Temperature -18 °C
Correction factor

Technical Sketch

Dimension Table

MODELΒΗFLΑSUSPENTIONSEDrain connection @Connection inConnection outVolume [L]pres level dba/5m (S)
ORL 12 S&C605240650575-4505171/2''5/8''1.249
ORL 34 S&C605240650575-4505171/2''5/8''1.550
ORL 10 S&C 605240650652-4505171/2''5/8''1.750
ORL 15 S&C 605280650888-4740171/2''5/8''249
ORL 20 S&C 605280650888-4740171/2''3/4''3.153
ORL 21 S&C675280820888-4810171/2''3/4''4.154
ORL 30 S&C 6153606501309-456024.51/2''7/8''5.256
ORL 40 S&C 6153606501309-456024.51/2''7/8''6.256
ORL 50 S&C 6153606501913-686224.51/2''1 1/8''8.158
ORL 75 S&C6153606501913-686224.51/2''1 1/8''9.758
ORL 100 S&C 6703607052520-657524.55/8''1 3/8''12.961
Single flow unit coolers. Available in pdf format.