Anti-corrosion protection

At Tepsa we offer in-house, anti-corrosion coating services on our specially equipped facilities to meet the most demanding customer needs. Our upgraded services provide more economic, fast and flexible solutions when it comes to protecting your HVAC/R equipment.

Economy. Intermediate costs’ elimination.
Speed. We provide coated coils on short notice upon order.
Durability. High thermally conductive protective coatings to seal your heat exchangers for a long time.

Personalised solutions:
We can apply the thermally conductive protective coatings on any type of heat exchanger (both Tepsa’s standard series of unit coolers, as well as static evaporators or any customized heating/cooling coil of your choice) upon request.

Download our anti-corrosion protection brochure below in order to read extensive technical data as regards our anti-corrosion services.

Now available. Get informed about our anti-corrosion protection services!